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Tam Enterprises the producer of products for personal enlightenment welcomes you to their home page and hopes you enjoy visiting this site.

Our company publishes a book about talking with spirit guides, angels and spirits of the "Light" for a better understanding of the spirit realms and the discovery of our personal purpose in this life. The book is titled "The Key to Spiritual and Psychic Development - Table Tipping" ISBN 978-882836-00-0 Retail $17.95 US$.

This book is available through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, New Leaf Distributors (for book store orders only) and by ordering it directly here at this site from TAM Enterprises.

TAM Enterprises has been well known since 1996 for hosting the site with free palmistry information given through the Palmistry/Hand Analysis Newsletters that are regularly updated, posted and published by Angela M. Mattey

We also produce palmistry lessons created by Angela Mattey as a step-by-step study of the collection of information she has gathered from mentors, by being a professional palmist and psychic of at least 30 years and through reading literally thousands of hands. She is an educated school teacher who taught palmistry and psychic development for adult education programs in large US cities. Her palmistry program is offered by the APPA ( The American Professional Palmistry Association) for anyone who is seriously interested in learning about palmistry for personal knowledge and enjoyment or for becoming a professional palmist and a member of the APPA. The palmistry lessons may be studied through an e-mail course or bought on diskette for personal study at home. Both types of study are designed for question and answer interaction with Angela through e-mail to enable a classroom type of learning situation for each student.

Having successfully taught hundreds, if not thousands, of students how to be psychic and to feel, see and experience communication with their own guardian angels and spirit guides, Angela has teaching tapes available about how to meditate and connect with the spirit realms for yourself.

Angela's readings are praised and valued for their accuracy, inspiration, vision of the future and the closure her mediumship provides for those seeking connections with the spirit of deceased loved ones or their own guardian angels.

Previously TAM Enterprises was located at the" Eagle Feather Ranch" in SW Colorado where the Bald Eagles nested yearly. But now Angela lives in Southern Oregon on a small ranch ("The Windmill Ranch") in a valley nestled in between lushly treed green mountains with her husband, horses, cats and all of the wild animals that live on the surrounding BLM lands.


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